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Friends Only!

Friends only, guys. I add pretty much everyone, though, I'm not picky!
Leave a comment so I don't accidentally miss you, mmkay? :D

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I'm the one who is supposedly responsible for 90% of the world's evil as well as Goldie's mom.

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aoifasdfasdf. Only 90%? CLEARLY YOU'RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH. ^_________^

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HI! I'm actually here from your fic journal, but the person who writes such wonderful fanfiction can't possibly have a boring personality. So, um, I friended you. I hope you don't mind?

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lol, well, you'd be surprised. ^^;; But yay, thank you! I friended you back!! ^.^

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Hey there... I've just friended you, er, I came from your fics LJ, and while *ahem* patiently awaiting a new chapter of 'Answers', I became inquisitive, lol. I've also friended you on your fics journal, cos I'm so efficient :)

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I noticed you liked 1x2 and Drarry.
Awesome, much?

Friend me plz :D

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Heee, indeed I do! Friended! :D

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On the fifth chapter of SWAS. It's lovely. -swoon-

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i am friends on your other journal maxine_chan, and now i wanted to add you on this one hope that is ok.

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I'm shocked and surprised I haven't added your RL journal yet. :| :|

I expect you to add me back or else... something will happen! :o


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I friended you on your fic journal because hell if I'm gonna miss any of those and I hope you don't mind me friending you here as well ^^;;

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No, sorry.



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I friended you!! I also play tennis!! haha... erm.. not well, and it's been forever... I have read SWAS (and every other HP/DM fic) and adore your writing style!! It's so realistic, in character, and I especially love the one where harry finds draco in hobo-wear on diagon alley. aww-ness!!

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Hiiii Maxie. I'm adding you here. Don't know why I didn't before. o.o

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......I could've sworn I had you friended on this journal already. @_@ WEIRD. I guess coz I have you on the filter I actually CHECK for my other journal, haha, so I see your entries anyway. BUT YAY, YOU'RE ADDED NOW! :D


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Hi, name's Yessenia. Mind adding me plz?

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Um, I really liked SWAS, and really liked it, and wondered if it was okay to add either or both of your journals to my friendslist?

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Can I add youuu? :3

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Of course!! :DDD

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hello!! I've seen you around & have read your fics before. I loved them, & would like to get to know the person who wrote those brilliant pieces. It's awesome that you like Tenipuri, too. ^o^

I don't like to add people first w/out asking them, so can I add you...? =)

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Ahaha, thank you! I'm glad you like my stuff. :D This journal is hardly exciting, but you're more than welcome to friend me!!

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i don't really remember where did i find you? but please, open me your journal)

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eeek. i had you on my old lj friendlist and then i got a new one and added your other one and forgot to add this one. so now i'm adding this one! xD

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*wave!* Ya hoi! ^___^ I hope everything is well with you~ <3

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...AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I didn't know you were looking!!!! *FRIENDS*

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I just wanted to say hey... I don't know if you remember me, but I put in my email on twitter and saw that it was you. I'm pretty sure a long time ago we were writing hp fanfiction together... truth or dare fics. ;P

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Oh wait a second I lied. That was a different sara now I feel like an idiot... ...

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A fellow One Piece lover I assume =D I hope it's okay that I added you =D

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I...I LOVE CRACKY LUFFY... Friends please ? :D

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Hey! It's Cherrie! Friend me?

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Added you! HP/anime fic mutual interests.

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I loved SWAS and I hope it's okay that I'm adding both this and that journal. I'd appreciate an add back, if you want to. :)

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Totally okay!! And thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed SWAS. :D

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