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Sara ([personal profile] serasarahhhh) wrote2004-11-03 12:26 am

Friends Only!

Friends only, guys. I add pretty much everyone, though, I'm not picky!
Leave a comment so I don't accidentally miss you, mmkay? :D

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Heeeey... it's me again. I didn't realize THIS lj name was you too. ^_^ I know what it's like with the whole parents thing. I deleted my last journal because they snooped too much. Grrr. Thank God for 'Friends Only' option, though.

I promise I think your kitties are cute! I'm allergic to cats, so I cannot have any. ::sniffle:: I have gay mini-weenier dog, though. When it comes to finding his 'soul mate', he doesn't discriminate against gender or species. He had a rather short, but meaningful, romance with a neighborhood cat. It only lasted a few weeks. Stupid feline broke my baby dog's heart. I should have seen it coming, because everyone one around here knows that cat is a slut...

Anyway, know that I have throughly weirded you out... can I be added to your personal journal as well? ::puppy dog eyes::

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lol, this dog of yours sounds very interesting! I have a dog too, but she's getting really old. And stubborn. That, or she's just deaf so she won't listen to anybody. ^^;;

yes of course I'll add you! new friends are great, the more the merrier! ^.~