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Sara ([personal profile] serasarahhhh) wrote2004-11-03 12:26 am

Friends Only!

Friends only, guys. I add pretty much everyone, though, I'm not picky!
Leave a comment so I don't accidentally miss you, mmkay? :D

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That's what I did. I have a separate journal to post all my fics, because my friends don't know I write anything and aren't really all that big on the slash thing, so I don't want to bother them with it... Anyway, if you want you can friend [personal profile] maxine_chan too, because that's where the update's will be posted. I'll make sure I have both of your ljs friended! ^.^

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exactly! it's good to communicate with your own kind, so to speak, and not scare your friends off too much eh ;). hehehe.

PS loving your icons *paws*